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Youth Accord

Our Vision

Biodiversity, as we understand, is the variety of life we find on Earth, and the natural patterns it forms. It’s the variability among all living organisms and the ecosystems they inhabit. Biodiversity is the common thread that connects all species on our planet. Future generations will be most negatively affected by the unnatural loss of biodiversity. We are taking action now in accordance with chapter 25 Agenda 21 to protect and sustain biodiversity. We, the youth, envision that biodiversity will be protected to sustain global ecosystems and life on our planet, now, and in the future.

Our Expectations

The voice of the youth must be incorporated into the Convention on Biological Diversity in order to sustain and promote all initiatives in future generations. Youth have an important role in protecting biodiversity and continuing sustainable practices. We do this through social networks that span the globe, we are community leaders and powerful advocates, we are acknowledged as significant decision makers in the global market, and we bring a new outlook on the challenges that face our society. However, governments have the ultimate responsibility in saving and maintaining biodiversity. International cooperation is vital for continued survival on this planet. Those who disrespect or break ecosystem management laws should be held accountable for their actions. Therefore, in support of youth, biodiversity, and our future, our governments must:

  • Recognize youth’s contribution in the protection of biodiversity.
  • Provide funding for educational programs on the value of and need for biological diversity.
  • Incorporate the voice of youth in decision-making through, for example, supporting youth delegates and sharing information with youth networks.
  • Craft programs to engage youth in the implementation of the Convention in meaningful ways.
  • Incorporate natural infrastructure values in decision-making concerning land use and practices.
  • Establish a carbon, water, and environmental impact footprint for all countries.
  • Set a defined target date to stop the preventable loss of biodiversity.
  • Instill laws and regulations to protect against the loss of biodiversity.
  • Implement sustainable development practices in all areas.
  • Include urban areas, subterranean, and arctic lands in thematic programs.

Our Commitment

To realize our vision, we the undersigned commit ourselves to applying our knowledge, expertise and resources to sustain and promote biodiversity. We also commit to measuring the success of our joint efforts and we will report back to you on an annual basis.

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